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vacuuming Available for routine maintenance or on an as-needed basis.
We are available for daily, weekly, monthly and special projects.
drain Restaurant, Hotel and Food Service
Beautification, sanitization and maintenance.
shower Gyms and Athletic Clubs
Clean facilities encourage repeat business; dirty drives customers away.
office Office Cleaning
For a healthy and business-like appearance.
VCT Retail Operations
Cleaning standards can make or break a business.
bathroom Restroom Appearance
Dirty restrooms scare away customers.

Available for Projects Indoors and Outdoors
Where other cleaners can't, Omni Pro can.

microfiber State-of-the-Art Tools
We have tried the hyped tools and use only the best proven tools for the job.
ceiling Remove Build-up and Neglect
It's never too late to salvage your investment and prevent loss of customers.
water damage Available for Emergencies
Short notice requests are handled quickly and professionally.
city We Value our Community
Our efforts make our city a healthier, nicer place to live.
Turbo Tile and grout cleaner Turbo Tile and Grout Cleaning
For hard surface deep cleaning, where other methods fail or fall short.
Acoustic tile whitening
Acoustic Tile Whitening
Our professional cleaners can improve your business' appearance with methods that are less expensive than painting or replacing materials.
Wood Floor Resurfacing Wood Floor Resurfacing
Protect your investment by bringing back the beauty and shine.
steam cleaning carpet Carpet Cleaning Programs
Truck mounted and portable equipment, operated by trained and certified technicians.
power washing Power Washing
A clean exterior is inviting and makes a good first impression: patios, sidewalks, trash areas and more.
graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal
What does your building say about your business? Don�t let others impact your image.

carpet restoration Carpet Restoration
Dirty, ugly carpet can be made to look bright and fresh again.
marble beautification and polishing Marble Polishing
We can restore, resurface and shine your beautiful marble floors.
hard surface soap scum removal Hard Surface
Deep cleaning and restoration of all kinds of surfaces.
glass cleaning Glass Cleaning
We clean glass too!
city skyline We are Reducing Environmental Impact
We use green cleaning methods wherever appropriate.
go vegetable oil

Waste cooking oil can be made into vehicle fuel.
Your oil can help too.

Visit GoVegOil.com

power washbathroompowerwash
microfiber cleaning materialofficemold
graffiti removaltennisturbo wash